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Here are some of the most common questions we get about the Fallen Linemen Organization.

Our mission is to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for the families who have lost or are impacted by a severe injury of a loved one in the line of duty. We strive to consolidate accident and injury information to share openly for a safer work environment.

FLO helps ALL fallen and severely injured electrical line workers, including but not limited to groundsmen, linemen, operators, apprentice linemen, journeymen linemen, and substation mechanics.
FLO accepts one time donations, monthly recurring donations, and mailed donations.
Every family is taken on a case by case basis. We assess their needs and provide necessary financial support. It is always our goal to emotionally support the families, no matter their financial needs.

Fallen Linemen Organization was founded by Chad Dubea. After experiencing his first fatality at the electrical line company where he was CEO, he wanted to honor the man that was lost but could not find a national place of honor for linemen. Mr. Dubea decided that it was time to start a non-profit to honor these men and women. He began researching and learned that there was not a non-profit in existence to help the families, both union and non-union, of the fallen and severely injured power linemen. Chad knew Mike Boyd and felt he was the best person to take his idea and actually put it into action. At that point, the seed had been planted and Fallen Linemen went from a theory to an actuality. Mr. Dubea donated $250,000 to get the Foundation for Fallen Electrical Lineman started. The paperwork had been filed with the IRS when Mike Boyd discovered there was already a non-profit that defined themselves as a foundation, so they nicknamed Foundation for Fallen Electrical Lineman, Fallen Linemen Organization.

The electric line industry employs approximately 200,000 hard working men and women and is in the top five for most dangerous jobs. It takes approximately another 150,000 workers to support these linemen and linewomen. Due to the aging infrastructure around the country and storms that devastate communities, these men and women are forced to work in extremely hazardous conditions. They perform their duties without expecting recognition or praise with devout dedication. These men and women are proud to call themselves linemen. Of those employed, an average of 45 linemen a year loses their lives in the line of duty, leaving families who depend on them. We appreciate their work on the line that is often taken for granted. We set up this organization to do exactly what our mission statement says: To memorialize fallen electrical line workers and care for their families by providing moral and financial support. Linemen, thank you for your work on the unforgiving line.

Yes! We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to go to our Volunteer Dashboard and fill out a volunteer application. We welcome new volunteers daily from all different walks of life.


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