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Honoring the 2013/2014 Fallen Linemen:

Joseph ”Yo Yo” Grant, February 2013
Jarrod Wittneben, Rosenberg, TX- February 1, 2013
Dean Camacho, Waterville, ME- January 16, 2013
James Ponder, Woodville, TX- March 13, 2013
David Burns, Missouri – April 11, 2013
Jose Raul Ros, California – April 25, 2013
James Hanson, Canaan, NY- June 9, 2013
Kerry Parker, Bivens, TX / Vivian, LA – June 13, 2013
Matthew Depew, Carlsbad, NM- June 15, 2013
Mark Miles, Maine – June 21, 2013
Michael Over – June 22, 2013
Michael Lee Matus, Austin, TX – July 3, 2013
John Bourn, Lake Wales, FL – July 15, 2013
Gary Brown, New Orleans, LA – July 31, 2013
Ben Cool, Grangeville, ID – July 30, 2013
David Oliveria, Moscow, ID – August 5, 2013
Chris Breed, Moscow, ID – August 5, 2013
Marcus Widen, Concordia, OK – August 4, 2013
Jeffery Wilder, CA – August 13, 2013
Don Denne, Cleveland, OH- August 13, 2013
Robert Fenstermacher, Vinita OK – August 15, 2013
Christopher Enoch, Edmond, OK – August 22, 2013
Dakotah Holt, Coulee Dam, WA – August 29, 2013
Dwayne Fennal, Franklinville, NJ – August 30, 2013
Jason Hattfields, Jackson, MS – August 30, 2013
Wade Charters, Little Rock, AR- September 15, 2013
Brandon Orozco, Huntington, CA – September 30, 2013
Joseph Emberton, Manassas, VA- October 3, 2013
Nick Guillien, Des Moines, IA – October 6, 2013
Dean Gary Larson, Sun Prairie, WI- October 8, 2013
Hector Castro, San Antonio, TX- October 22, 2013
Lee Helmers, Bismark, ND- November 4, 2013
William Spint, Rapid City, ND- November 13,2013
Collin Cartier, Victorville, CA- November 14, 2013
David Lane, Bountville, VA- November 19, 2013
Robert ”Bobby” Crume, Hanson, KY- November 22, 2013
Ryan Svor, Paynesville, MN- November 23, 2013
Jake Olsen, Grove, OK- November 21, 2013
Michael McKinney, Brookings, CA- November 21, 2013
Gary Peck, Bowling Green, VA- December 2, 2013
Brian Zambo, Watertown, SD- December 31, 2013
Donald Boger, Cape Coral, FL- January 3, 2014
Jeffery Mallory, Everett, WA- January 6, 2014
Lewis Swain, Cadwell, GA- January 10, 2014
Jeremy White, Florence, MS- January 11, 2014
William ”Tank” Baugh, Corrales, NM- January 20, 2014
Frederick Cowder, Plant City, FL- January 20, 2014
Larry Shaffer, Silt, CO- January 27, 2014
Chris Gaskill, SIlt, CO- January 27, 2014
Brandon Beaver, Shreveport, LA- February 6, 2014
Ryan Regan, Peoria, IL- February 25, 2014
Keith Jester, Hamilton, OH- February 28, 2014
Michael Davis, Noblesville, IN- March 25, 2014
Tony Collins, Rusk, TX- April 3, 2014
Joseph Boyd, Fall River, MA- April 16, 2014
John Loughran, Bourne, MA- April 16, 2014
David ”Snake” Denger, Des Moines, IA- May 20, 2014
Christopher WIlliamson, Florence, AL- June 5, 2014
Gary Ward, Lucas, KS- June 11, 2014
George Ward, Carleton, MI- June 14, 2014
Jason Blair, Paintsville, KY- June 19, 2014
Timothy Cannon, Byron, GA- June 24, 2014
Robert Whitehead, Louisville, MS- July 9, 2014
Al Antanaitis, Toledo, OH- July 22, 2014
Brett Binman, St. Paul Park, MN- July 28, 2014
Bob Waterson, Edmond, OK- August 12, 2014
David Carson, Tuscaloosa, AL- August 19, 2014
Tito Hernandez, Miami, FL- August 28, 2014
Dustynn Shrader, Texarkana, TX- September 2, 2014
Mario Zambraro, Texarkana, TX- September 2,2014
Richard Sakowski, Louisville, KY- September 5, 2014

Who We Are

Fallen Linemen Organization (FLO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit created to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for the families who have lost or are impacted by a severe injury of a loved one in the line of duty. We strive to consolidate accident and injury information to share openly for a safer work environment.

FLO has a traveling memorial that we take to events and speaking engagements to memorialize all electrical line workers, and we are in the process of finding a permanent home for the permanent memorial. It is our goal to educate the public about the electrical line industry and the dangers of the job. FLO’s tax exempt ID is 46-2794268.

    A Dollar a Week Makes a Big Difference

    We are organizing the “Dollar a Week Makes a Difference” campaign to allow businesses a way to get involved with supporting the loved ones of fallen and injured linemen. Please see our Donate page for more information on how to get your company involved.


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Company Support and Participation

The key to our success is having companies assist in collecting the dollar a week donation through payroll deductions. We also welcome financial support in the form of corporate deductions. The foundation allows every lineman in the United States to participate. The “Dollar a Week Makes a Difference” grass-roots approach allows all to be involved, with all donations supporting the families of ALL fallen linemen. Please join the effort by contacting us at this website. Companies, consider asking your employees to contribute. Employees, urge your company to take part in the campaign to aid families in need.

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