US Flame Resistant Clothing Manufacturer Raises Money and Awareness for Fallen Lineman Organization.

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Flame resistant t-shirts for a unique cause: There is a segment of blue collar workers called power lineman who quietly perform a very dangerous job. When one of them falls the Fallen Lineman Organization is there to support them and their families. Benchmark FR is working with the Fallen Lineman Organization to not only bring awareness but to also fundraise by selling a unique and “cool” flame resistant T-shirt with the FLO  logo.  Proceeds are donated to FLO.

The threat is real in this close knit community. Power lineman have one of the deadliest jobs in the world. According to Forbes they are #7 on the list.  Often times working with first responders after natural disasters to restore power, they perform their duties without expecting praise.  There are over 200,000 power lineman with approximately another 150,000 people supporting these men and women in hazardous conditions and situations.

“If this building was on fire first responders would be exposed to about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, they would have heavy gear and time to be strategic,” said John O’Sullivan, Benchmark’s VP and son of a former New York City Fire Captain.   “When something goes wrong with electrical power the temperatures are approaching 18,000 degrees, it is instant and violent.  There is no time to react.”  On average 40 per 100,000 lineman workers are killed on the job each year, that is more than double the fatality rate of police officers and fire fighters. despite the high level of training and safety equipment the fatality numbers are high, and many suffer non-fatal burns and loss of limbs.

The Fallen Lineman Organization (FLO) is a non-profit that is funded by the grace of the powerline community.  FLO helps all fallen and injured lineman, regardless if they are union or non-union, an apprentice or a seasoned powerline veteran.  Sponsorship at a corporate level is available and individuals can donate once or ongoing basis.  Benchmark FR took a more unique approach to raise monet and bring awareness.

Powerline workers must wear clothing that self-extinguishes in the event of an arc flash. We took our arc and flame resistant t-shirts and used a unique water based system to brand them with FLO’s artwork.  We sell them for $44.99 regardless of size, ship them and donate $8 for each shirt sold.

The FLO T-Shirt project was launched on a Thursday. The following Monday, when we reported how many FR T-shirts sold, Rebekah Boyd, Fallen Lineman Organization Assistant Director she said “Wow, that is amazing. That exceeded my expectations.”

“This is a unique opportunity for Benchmark FR to give back” said Jenafer Graham, with Benchmark FR. “We have a USA made, arc and flame resistant t-shirt, UL certified, 8.9 cal/cm2 and can add cool graphics…and it comes in black.  For the first time power lineman and women can support their community with a product they can actually wear on the job. I love telling people about it when they call us.”



Since 2002 Benchmark FR® has specialized in arc and flame resistant clothing to protect workers from flash fire and electrical arc flash. We lead the industry with innovative materials and produce higher quality personal protective equipment which is safe and comfortable to wear.  We are a women owned business and manufacture most products in the USA.  For more information, please visit


Fallen Linemen Organization’s (FLO) mission is to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for the families who have lost or are impacted by a severe injury of a loved one in the line of duty. They strive to consolidate accident and injury information to share openly for a safer work environment.



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