We found a location for the Memorial!

Rebekah BoydGeneral News

As you know, we are creating a memorial to remember the fallen electrical line workers and properly recognize the trade. The memorial is going to include a museum that will walk you through the evolution of electricity and the evolution of the line worker trade. It will also include and interactive area for the children that will teach them how to properly use electricity, what it takes to create electricity, and what it is to be an electrical line worker. The actual memorial will overlook Look Out Mountain in a somber area. We will include all of the fallen electrical line workers that we are aware of and we will open it up for people to add their loved ones that they have lost in the line of duty. The memorial will be at the Southeast Lineman Training Center. The SLTC is located in Trenton, GA just south of Chattanooga. The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce is extremely excited about us bringing the memorial to their area. The property is beautiful and it will be a wonderful place for families to visit and remember those that lost their lives in the line of duty. Electrical line workers deserve to be recognized the same way as firefighters. We want to make sure they get the proper recognition nationally.