Fallen Linemen Organization Online Store Opens

Rebekah BoydGeneral News

The Fallen Linemen Organization is extremely excited to announce the opening of our online store. This has been a long journey and it is very fulfilling to see it come to fruition. We will be selling t-shirts, polos, stickers, magnets, hard hat stickers, koozies, and more. All of the proceeds from the merchandise go straight to Fallen Linemen.

We worked very hard to find items that we deem worthy of carrying our logo. Our goal is to get the Fallen Linemen logo seen by others and spread the word of who we are and what we do.

Throughout the end of September 2013, you will receive free shipping if you enter the coupon code FLO913. We ask that you take time and browse our store. Feel free to send us any suggestions or comments that you may have. This is new for us, so we welcome any help you may be able to offer.

– The Fallenline Linemen team