September 4, 2013- Memorial Sketch

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The electrical line worker trade is unforgiving and requires long hours in bad weather conditions, but you do it because you love it and you care.  The Fallen Linemen Organization wants you to know that we understand and appreciate your dedication to keeping our lights on at any cost. We have already donated over $35,000 to families in need after losing a loved one and we will continue to work hard to help more. We urge you to get your company involved by creating a payroll deduction. A dollar a week from each employee will make a huge difference in a family’s life.

Our goal is to bring the proper recognition to the electrical line worker industry and all that you do. That is why we are dedicating a memorial just for you. We want it to be a place that you can all be proud to visit. We formed the coalition with the International Lineman’s Museum to bring everything together. Below you will see the completed sketch of how we plan to bring all of this together. There will be a playground for the children as well as the history of the trade in the museum. We want to teach people about the dangers of electricity and how dangerous it is to be a line worker. Knowledge is power! Knowing the dangers can prevent future accidents. We want the line workers to know that we are thankful for all that you do.

 Memorial Drawing 1